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The Many Jobs Associated With an Automotive Mechanic

An automotive technician (or automotive mechanic) repairs, inspects, and maintains all types of cars and trucks. In small companies, their responsibilities can encompass a full spectrum of vehicle maintenance and repair services.

In large companies, they might specialize in specific areas, including transmissions, brakes, motors, or cooling systems. They can also provide diagnostic services for other types of automobile. A technician is not limited to repairing or diagnosing vehicles that are already in use but can provide services for new cars, too.

There are several benefits to having service technicians. It saves the company money. They can perform maintenance, diagnosis, servicing and repair on cars, trucks and vans.

An automotive technician must be licensed and bonded in every state. They must also have a certification from the American Automobile Dealerers Association (AAA). The certification ensures the person’s competence, training and experience. They must also complete an education and experience test by passing both written and practical examinations. In order to get an auto technician license, an individual must pass a written exam as well as a practical exam. A person must also obtain a minimum of a two-year associate’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning.

Most automotive technicians are required to undergo a specified number of hours of continuing education courses annually. The number of hours is based upon the type of certification they hold and their location. Some states require automotive technicians to have at least three years of experience under their belt before they can apply for an auto technician license.

Although there are a lot of different jobs associated with an auto technician, there are a few that are more important than others. If you have ever been a car mechanic, it will help to know the most common jobs associated with that profession so you can become one yourself.

The mechanic’s job description usually includes the installation and repair of engine parts. Assembling engines, changing them, diagnosing problems, and even installing new parts are some of the services they perform. Other duties may include changing spark plugs, oil filters, spark plug wires, and cylinder heads.

An automotive mechanic is typically responsible for the maintenance and repair of any engine other than that of a car. For example, an automobile mechanic might be a part of the mechanic’s team to repair an automobile’s battery system. Other jobs include fixing brakes, transmission and exhaust systems, brake fluid levels, engines, and other electrical equipment.

Auto mechanic can help a company save a lot of money. They can perform services that a mechanic would charge thousands of dollars to their customers for.

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